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October 21, 2016

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to Lessons from Zachary:

"I am increasingly aware how physicians in today’s complex and often demoralizing healthcare environment can impact the patient experience in ways both new and yet reminiscent of why most of us became doctors.

Today's medical training includes experiential learning in ethics, quality improvement and leadership skills, calling for young physicians to be team members sharing the responsibility of patient-centered care. In fact, all providers—physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacologists, educators, and social workers—are in the vanguard of a new frontier in medicine. In cases like Zach’s, those of us paid to be caregivers in the lives of those disabled can alter the trajectory of their families’ lives and their own. Faced with a terrible diagnosis, devastating to the receiver and, often, bearer of the bad news, individuals may eventually stagnate emotionally or recover. But some actually thrive.

This book is about those trajectories and how collaboration and coaching can lead to a more fulfilling life for self and others. Rather than cutting ourselves off from our inner motivations and drives, slaves to the electronic medical record and submitting to the unlimited opportunity to work longer hours, Sandy invites us to align our personal aspirations with our personal and professional ambitions.

We are encouraged to grow our own self-awareness so that we might serve others more authentically and wholeheartedly, literally altering the trajectory of how we see others as well as ourselves and the quality of our lives. We can learn about our emotional IQ (the EQ), coaching skills and “mindfulness,” all of which dramatically impact the way we deliver care to others and support one another to live meaningful lives.

We who are blessed to be inserted into the lives of those seeking medical help may live the day when we embrace a new journey of discovery, wholeness, and courage, and lead others more wisely. Sandy’s remarkable story leads the reader on an amazing journey, full of unforeseen twists and turns.


We live life with her, searching, finding, exploring, and, through an amazing series of decisions, setbacks and triumphs... 

...and eventually achieve peace, for herself and her sons, and success in both personal and corporate arenas. 


I was Director of Quality at a large urban pediatric hospital here in Colorado and have walked some of the paths tread by Sandy in her search for meaning in the corporate healthcare setting. Her story will resonate strongly with parents with or without kids with disabilities, teachers, physicians, healthcare leaders, corporate coaches, and CEOs everywhere.

This is a book that speaks to our hearts and minds. I couldn’t put it down."

— Thomas T. Reiley, MD Golden, Colorado February 2016