Tools, stories and interactive presentations are customized for leaders in healthcare, education, human services & business.  

“Learning requires a level of vulnerability that is not easy for accomplished leaders. Sandy is masterful at fostering vulnerability and creating a safe space for leaders to explore and embrace new insights. Sandy understands the importance of reflection and different modalities in order to deepen learning. Her sessions are memorable and impactful.”
— Mary Scannell, Executive Director, Physician Leadership Development

Keynote Topics


This presentation focuses on the unique challenges of today’s professional leaders in a world of complexity.  Participants will learn practical tools which can be applied to leading others more effectively and living a more meaningful life.  


  • Develop a personal vision for self and others to connect with more meaningful life.  
  • Stimulate creativity to drive meaningful results 
  • Apply 5-part formula to increase personal & professional effectiveness on a daily basis


This presentation focuses on passages from Sandy's newest book Lessons from Zachary.  Explore additional insights gained through her own personal journey of discovery and overcoming obstacles.  Q&A time available to answer questions about the book or to coach others to develop more of their unrealized potential.


  • Cultivate a deeper self-awareness as leader through powerful questions
  • Foster the ability to connect authentically to people
  • Apply the Life Wheel to increase fulfillment & leadership effectiveness


Sandy infuses a coaching mindset into the daily conversations of healthcare providers, physicians, educators and families of children with disabilities.  This highly interactive session relies on real life experience, memorable stories and practical tools for today’s professional. 


  • Lead self & others thru change more effectively 
  • Discover new insights and be equipped to implement them into daily life.
  • Apply the Change Map to a specific situation & execute concrete next steps

...or request a topic!

More topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Connecting Leaders to Their Strengths: Building Purposeful Lives 
  • Connecting Leaders to Their Values: Building Purposeful Lives 
  • Connecting Parents to Their Strengths: Building Purposeful Lives

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Sometimes we encounter someone, who through their own journey, enriches our life. From the first time I met Sandy- she has brought new insights, inspiration, and passion to my personal call to serve those with disabilities and their families. I am blessed to know her and pleased that she has the courage to share her story.
— Linda Timmons, President and CEO of Mosaic
“Thank you to Sandy Scott for empowering me to live life. Her dynamic ability to connect with all those in healthcare as a speaker is truly remarkable and a rare find. She has provided me and other physicians with countless coaching skills, inspirational speeches, authentic guidance, and genuine motivation. She is elite in her field, and those who encounter her are beyond fortunate.”
— Angela Mills, M.D.