It all started when...

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My passion for healthcare began 25 years ago when my son Zachary was born with severe cerebral palsy. 

Though he has never spoken, fed himself or rolled over; he is living a radically fulfilling life today, in large part because of the physicians and healthcare providers who personally impacted our lives.  My work as a coach and author now is my way to pay-it-forward.

I specialize in helping physicians, healthcare executives, business leaders and non-profit directors develop themselves into thought innovators in a rapidly changing industry.  I speak, coach, and deliver signature programs in leadership development.  I help transform leaders from the inside out.... to find true motivation for their work and effectively lead change.

In my recently published book, Lessons from Zachary, I had the opportunity to share the insights I gained in my personal journey of discovery and overcoming obstacles, showing us how to use our strengths to navigate life’s difficult situations to find meaning and lasting fulfillment.

I have a strong yearning to accelerate past the noise preventing people from being their best .... so if you're ready for positive change, reach out today!






1% of the 259,500 healthcare leaders today are Board Certified in Healthcare Management and are a Board Certified Coach.  Sandy Scott is a subject matter expert specializing in the practice of aligning talent and purpose with measurable results.  

1%, for your organization, could make all the difference.