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Physician Leadership Accelerator:

Aligning Personal Influence with Results

A six-month journey for groups of physicians to: 

  • Increase ownership in performance metrics

  • Strengthen culture of influence and communication

  • Enable providers to navigate complexity

Includes leadership education, interactive coaching and tangible tools to accelerate growth and maximize results.

“Sandy has provided me and other physicians with countless skills, inspirational moments, guidance, and genuine motivation.

Sandy is elite in your field, and those who encounter her are fortunate.”

Angela Mills, M.D., Chief Medical Officer


"Sandy presents opportunities and helps anyone she interacts with reach outside their comfort zone and achieve more than they could ever imagine."

Taylor Riall, M.D. Chief of General Surgery



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1% of the 259,500 healthcare leaders today are Board Certified in Healthcare Management and are a Board Certified Coach.  Sandy Scott is a subject matter expert specializing in the practice of aligning talent and purpose with measurable results.  

1%, for your organization, could make all the difference.