KEYNOTES TO Engage Your audience

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As an expert in physician coaching & creativity, Sandy works with you before the event to ensure what she shares is completely relevant to your audience. 

Sandy shares real stories from healthcare professionals along with research & practical tips to inspire your audience into action.


  • “Discover and Unleash your Purpose”

  • "Hope in the Midst of Chaos & Change"

  • "Reduce Burnout with Presence and Creativity" 

“Sandy is masterful at fostering vulnerability and creating a safe space for leaders to explore and embrace new insights. Her sessions are memorable and impactful.”
— Mary Scannell, Executive Director, Physician Leadership Development
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Lessons from Zachary illustrates what can become available when we engage in a new kind of conversation, discovering and unleashing the human possibility in us all.
— Joseph Jaworksi, Founder of American Leadership Forum, Author of Synchronicity
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